Whakapiki Ake

M.A.S.H (Māori Achieving Success in Health) is a 4-day kaupapa at Waipapa Taumata Rau (Auckland University Marae) designed to support Māori students pursuing careers in the health sector. We focus on encouraging academically accomplished and culturally sharp future professionals. Our approach aims to improve healthcare services for Māori.

Students participating in Whakapiki Akes MASH Workshop for health careers

Mentorship for Real-World Impact

M.A.S.H focuses on whakawhanaungatanga, with senior Māori students (Tuakana) currently studying in the Faculty of Medical Health & Sciences guiding and supporting students during the 4-day kaupapa, providing their wisdom and learning lessons on navigating through NCEA, higher education and the health sector as a Māori. Furthermore, M.A.S.H provides hands-on experiences and mentorship opportunities as students interact with our top-tier NCEA teachers, lecturers, and professors from Auckland University.

Building Practical Skills

M.A.S.H hones in on science and health education, encouraging students to take subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to build a solid academic foundation for NCEA and future tertiary success. M.A.S.H includes special learning sessions hosted at Auckland City Hospital and Grafton campus to provide a safe space for students to learn about the significance of Matauranga Māori in health and medicine, achieving an understanding of traditional Māori practices and how they are integrated into the present-day.

Students inside University of Auckland Lecture theaters during a workshop in our MASH Programme
Whakapiki Ake students participating in a M.A.S.H Workshop for Māori tikanga.


Whakapiki Akes M.A.S.H Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the hospital visits. We got to go around the rooms and learnt about the different health professions. I particularly enjoyed the anaesthetic technician and escape room.” – Year 12 from Westlake Girls’ High School

“The interactive workshops were the best for me. I was able to learn about potential healthcare careers more easily in a more hands-on setting. I found it more interesting than just talking to them and was able to take more away due to not getting bored.” – Year 12 from Papatoetoe High School

“The three most important things I took away from M.A.S.H was: Be proud to be Māori, don’t be afraid to engage with new people, and it’s important for me to pursue a career in healthcare to represent my people.” – Year 12 from Karamu High School

“M.A.S.H helped me to be okay outside of my comfort zone – you never know how your peers are feeling, so just support them; the learning and friends I’ve made, I hope they are for life. – Year 12 from Lynfield College