Whakapiki Ake Programme

Whakapiki Ake offers exposure to health career options, academic enrichment and transitioning programmes, some financial support and Māori leadership development. Whakapiki Ake primarily works with secondary school students, however mature students may be eligible for Whakapiki Ake support. Whakapiki Ake also actively engages with whānau.

Hui ā Kura Year 9–11

Whakapiki Ake visit Year 9–11 rangatahi between July and September. Interactive workshops are designed to encourage rangatahi to think seriously about cultural identity, sense of self, choices, decision making and learning to learn, to help uncover their future potential. All are key prerequisites to career decision making.

Te Whē Year 10 and 11

Te Whē provides exposure to science, Māori role models and potential career choices and health pathways. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of the core secondary school subjects and the choices rangatahi are making in these early years. This one-day interactive programme reaffirms the importance of cultural identity and supports rangatahi to aspire to fulfil their future potential. Year 10 and 11 programmes are held in Auckland and Tauranga and a Year 11, in Whakatane.

Hui ā Kura Year 12 and 13

The Whakapiki Ake team visit schools and kura across the North Island to present to rangatahi who indicate an interest in career in health and ideally taking two or three applied sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) at Level 2 or 3 (IB or CIE equivalent), Mathematics and an English-rich subject. These presentations are student-centred and focus on academic pathways to a career in health.

Whakapiki Ake Hui ā Rohe Year 9–13

The Whakapiki Ake team undertake regional visits throughout the year to connect with Whakapiki Ake rangatahi (Years 9–13) and their whānau, iwi, schools and other interested groups. At these hui we cover the following: – Maximising school impact of choices at Year 8–11 – How NCEA/UE works – Academic pathways – Prepping Year 12–13 for health sciences – Key tips for tertiary study and application assistance.

MASH (Māori Achieving Success in Health)

MASH is a four-day, Year 12 academic enrichment wānanga held at Waipapa Marae, the University of Auckland. Māori students who are interested in a career in health, and have exposure to NCEA Level 2 applied sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Mathematics and English (or IB or CIE equivalent) are eligible to apply.

COACH (Creating Opportunities for A Career in Health)

COACH is a four-day, Year 13 transitioning wānanga held at Waipapa Marae, the University of Auckland. Māori students who are interested in a career in health and have exposure to NCEA Level 2 and Level 3 in applied sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Mathematics and English-rich subjects (or IB or CIE equivalent) are eligible to apply. The programme is for students intending to enrol in an FMHS programme at the University of Auckland the following year.

Whakapiki Ake Academic Support

Whakapiki Ake rangatahi who attend MASH or COACH are offered academic support via an individual plan. This support is inclusive of online academic assistance (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics NCEA Level 2 and 3 and English NCEA Level 2). Contact us for more information.

Whakapiki Ake Wānanga

Year 12 and 13 WAP students are invited to attend a four-day academic exam preparation wānanga prior to NCEA external examinations.

Whakapiki Ake Year 13 Application Assistance

Whakapiki Ake provides Year 13 students with application assistance to relevant programmes in the Faculty of Medical Health Sciences. This assistance includes: – Programme applications (CertHSc, BHSc, BNurs) – MAPAS MH04 Application – Halls of residence applications – Scholarship information – Matriculation and enrolment into FMHS programmes.

Next Steps to Uni

Whakapiki Ake students and whānau are eligible to stay two nights in a University Hall of Residence when attending the Whakapiki AkeMAPAS General Interviews day. This provides an opportunity for whānau to meet and students to reconnect. Whakapiki Ake will provide return transport from the hall of residence to the MAPAS General Interviews. After MAPAS interviews, whānau and students are given an opportunity to reflect on the day and their provisional recommendations. All meals are provided. ‘Next Steps to Uni’ dates are advertised on our Facebook page.

Whānau Handover Dinner

Whakapiki Ake host a dinner for whānau and students in mid-late February. All Whakapiki Ake students who have successfully enrolled in an FMHS programme are eligible to attend the Whānau Handover Dinner and invitations are sent upon completion of enrolment.

Student financial support

Students supported by Whakapiki Ake in their first year of study receive a financial package that contributes to accommodation and living costs. The exact amount offered to students depends on their programme and the number of students accepted under Whakapiki Ake in a given year.

Semester One and Two Whakapiki Ake Check-in

Transitioning support continues with semester check-ins for all Whakapiki Ake students enrolled within FMHS programmes.